About midebid

MidEBid is the fully-managed online marketplace that connects suppliers providing various Products and Services to Buyers from the All Sectors and Private companies from across Middle East to keep their organizations running.

Buyers using MidEBid’s online marketplace realized beneficial savings. They reduced the cost of procurement operations and improved overall spend management and purchasing efficiency.

Buyers, throughout Middle East create and advertise eRFPs, eRFQs, eRFIs, and eTenders. and distribute their documents on MidEBid.com daily. They have access to detailed reports such as invitation lists, document taker's lists, mandatory site meetings, amendment notices, bid results, awarded contracts, etc. MidEBid assists buyers with fulfilling their purchasing requirements.

Sellers who competed for the best market price got unprecedented access to real sales opportunities, while increasing revenue capture and boosting market awareness.

Sellers interested in doing business with purchasing clients create unique company profiles on MidEBid.com, and define their criteria. In turn, MidEBid performs a daily search, and sends an email alert with the bids that match each company's profile.

MidEBid is a faster, more transparent and fairer way of facilitating eRFPs, eRFQs, eRFIs, and eTenders and conducting negotiations. Founded on a web-based platform, MidEBid ensures smooth and clear communication, and is a more profitable business tool for both the Seller as well as the Buyer.