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  • Budget Price 6500000.00 USD
  • Number 700338
  • Bidding Method Open Bidding
  • Buyer Name Noble Supply and Logistics
  • Currency USD
  • Partially Allowed No
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Bid Description

Dear Vendors, You are invited to submit quotes for RFQD146992. We are requesting N95, masks. TAA compliance will be chosen over all others! QTY: 5,000,000.00 Freight: 1 (Please provide SPECS & PICTURES for EACH LINE ITEM) Delivery location: 302 Weymouth St # 201 Rockland, MA 02370 Please make sure your quote is submitted in a PDF format and includes the following details (quotes missing the below details will not be reviewed): 1. Pickup address 2. Delivery address 3. Quoted brands and part numbers (please attempt to quote exact part numbers if possible) 4. Product descriptions 5. Unit prices, total prices 6. Countries of manufacture (COOs) per each line 7. Lead time in calendar days (you will be evaluated based on your ability to deliver within the quoted timeframe, penalties may apply for late deliveries) 8. Shipping details: pallet/crate count, dimensions and weights (total shipping weight), MSDS/SDS sheets for any hazmat items. Unexpected costs incurred due to inaccurate information provided by the vendor at the time of the quote will be passed on to the vendor. 9. Payment terms (standard payment terms - NET 30) 10. Freight (should be quoted as a separate line). Any sea freight must be US Flag P1 service. A minimum of three weeks of free storage in port should be included. 11. Restocking Fees. 1. The contractor may assess a restocking fee to the customer under the following conditions: a. Orders are canceled while deliveries are en route; b. Orders are refused at time of delivery without providing 48 hours’ notice to the contractor prior to refusal; or c. Ordered quantities returned to the contractor are not expected to be resold within 180 days.In the event that one of the events above occurs, the contractor may charge a restocking fee as the lesser of the cost charged to the Contractor by its supplier, or 10% of the total price of the line item(s) returned. The Contractor shall provide documentation substantiating that the restocking fee is a reasonable charge consistent with commercial practices. 12. Cancellations. 1. Cancellations. The Contractor shall accept cancellations to delivery orders at no additional cost to the Government, provided that the customer requested cancellation at least 10 business days prior to the required delivery date (RDD). Please note (very important!): • Your quote must be submitted in a PDF format, with your letterhead on it. • Pricing needs to be quoted in USD. • if VAT relief is available prices should not include VAT , if VAT relief is unavaible VAT of the entire order needs to be listed as a seperate line at the bottom of your quote, indicating the percentage charged. • No Taxes should be included in the acquisition cost. • Delivery terms: DDP (delivered to door, duty paid). Customs fees may be waivered under the SOFA agreements for items shipping to military overseas customers, please ensure Consignee is correctly listed. • All items must be TAA Compliant • All Hand tools and Measuring tools must be Berry Amendment Compliant (FSC list is attached). Please submit Berry compliance certificates along with your quotes. • All fabrics must be Berry Amendment Compliant. Please submit Berry compliance certificates along with your quotes. • In order to maintain continuity in the quote, if you cannot quote an item please include that line and list as ‘no quote or no bid.’ Do not change the sequence of line items! • Alternatives are subject to approval. Please submit specifications sheets for any quoted alternatives. • This RFQ does not commit Noble Supply to award or to pay any costs incurred in preparations or submission of Quotes/Proposals. • Noble Supply Reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received in response to this RFQ. • Delivery and payment terms are an evaluation factor, and as such, may affect award outcomes. Noble's standard payment terms are NET 45 • Quotes shall be valid for 60 days upon the closing date. • Noble Supply reserves the right to split an award between any vendors in any combination, as it may deem appropriate. If a quote is submitted on a “all or none” basis, it should clearly state so in the quote.

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Shipping & Delivery Terms

Seller Responsible for Shipping and Delivery. Also Ex Works, is available to everyone except China, and India.

Payment Terms

NET 30, Payment in Full 30days after signed copy of Delivery.

This deal is completely safe. Seller will receive payment only after delivery confirmation.

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Hi My name is Kara. Are you still looking for the masks? Thank you
    • A: Yes.
    • Q: Hi there, we have factory and we are looking for trustful buyers. The requirement is a bit complicated. If you are still interested please contact via +8615800506641
      • A: Hi there, I'd rather not. Good luck to you.
      • Q: Hi Please confirm if you are still interested. Thank you
        • A: Again. Yes.

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All Countries are allowed