Receive your best value offers online in 4 simple steps.
Step 1
No paperwork, no fuss.
  • Create an eRFPs, eRFQs, eRFIs, eRFSs, and eTenders. MidEBid is adaptable to every business procurement need, from quotations for office stationery, hospitality products to proposed solutions to complex technical projects.
  • Add as many weighted questions and items as you wish – weighted eRequests are scorable and thus much easier to evaluate.
  • MidEBid’s failsafe Approval system ensures that only eRequests with management or central procurement office approval can be published.
  • eRequests can be cloned and reused, minimizing the set-up time for your sourcing events and fostering best practice.
Step 2
More competition, more value.
  • Invite your approved sellers-suppliers to take part using the MidEBid email system, and increase the competition by inviting new sellers- suppliers from the thousands of registered members of the MidEBid Directory.
  • Invite sellers-suppliers privately, publish the eRequest online for local and global exposure, or avail of both options.
  • Use the MidEBid Supplier Management feature to pool proven suppliers and those with potential, from where they can be easily invited to your future e-Requests.
  • Instant notification and communication allows you to monitor seller-supplier submission status and easily address their queries on the dedicated e-Request Message Board.
 Step 3
Compare Quotes.
  • Compare sellers-supplier submissions easily and efficiently.
  • Manage multiple seller-supplier submissions – no more bulky folders or lost email attachments.
  • Avail of company-wide expertise by assigning multiple scorers from within your organization.
  • Monitor progress of scorers (who has scored what), and read comments appended by individual scorers to supplier responses and prices.
  •  An optional Response Lock-Out feature prevents viewing of submissions before the e-Response deadline – ensuring fairness and sourcing best practice.
Step 4
Realize your procurement savings.
  • Choose the best value supplier submission based on an automatically generated scoring system.
  • Notify successful and unsuccessful suppliers with customizable emails.
  • Export and print your eRequests for auditing, transparency or reporting purposes.
MidEBid’s eRequest system sources the best value seller-supplier every time.
Save money
Achieve administrative cost reductions with a more efficient, online sourcing process. Eliminate time spent on the phone, wading through paperwork, juggling spread sheets and waiting for tenders in the post.
Get far more competitive supplier quotations with a wider, truly global supplier pool; highly customizable eRequests that deliver the information you need from suppliers; and higher submission rates thanks to an easy, efficient and free supplier experience.
Save time
Greatly shorten the sourcing cycle with reusable eRequests and other features. The sourcing cycle is the time it takes to find the supplies you really need and at the right price.
Save time finding new suppliers by browsing the thousands registered in the MidEBid Seller-Supplier Directory and attracting global suppliers with a published e-request.
Quickly negotiate the submission evaluation process with MidEBid’s highly developed scoring system, easily negotiating what is traditionally a time-consuming task for procurement professionals.
Best practice
Clone your best performing eRequests to reinforce sourcing best practice across departments and product categories.
Automation of time-consuming administrative tasks allows your buying team to dedicate more of their valuable time to focusing on procurement strategy.
Utilize the expertise of non-purchasing staff (e.g. IT managers for sourcing IT equipment) by assigning roles within dedicated eRequest teams. Cross-functional sourcing teams are widely regarded as best practice within the procurement industry.
Full Cycle Buy Management
MidEBid is managed by experts. Your dedicated Account Manager is with you from start to final bid selection for every project. They manage buying and selling with a hands-on approach no automated application alone can match.
Secury Online Interface
Access a customizable dashboard that grants remarkable control to your procurement processes. Place Projects. Change requirements and repost. See bidding in action. Submit. Manage. Resolve. You control procurement with intuitive ease.
Business Intelligence
Capture ultra-granular buy-to-buy comparison data. Track purchase history. Make genuinely informed decisions on the right buys for your organization.
Seller Sourcing and Qualifying
MidEBid sources Sellers based on Buyer defined needs and specifications. Each Project pulls Sellers from three sources; our robust and continuously growing pre-qualified Seller community, new Sellers sourced to best meet Buyer specifications and any of the Buyer-listed preferred Sellers. All Sellers must meet pre-qualification requirements before engaging in the buy completion. Then our Quality Assurance specialists launch into action to ensure each competition meets the highest standards.
Buyer Control
As a MidEBid Buyer, unlike traditional purchasing, you have the power to command demand. You set the price. You specify the exact type of specifications for the kind of product or service you need, from the kind of Seller you want. Then compare final bids in a clear bid report to determine which meets your needs best.
MidEBid Mobile
Track real-time status of your buys anywhere, any time with MidEBid's recently-launched mobile application.




  • Effective way of broadcasting bids.
  • Quick and easy steps to upload and advertise bid opportunities.

Bid Notification options

  • Invite suppliers of your choice, and allow potential qualified sellers-suppliers on the MidEBid.com network to respond.
  • Invite pre-qualified contractors and/or suppliers of your choice ONLY.

Vast Pool of Suppliers

  • Access over 10,000 suppliers across Middle East supplying various construction, goods and services to the Major Companies and Corporations.
  • No need searching the yellow pages, Google, and other search engines - we do the sourcing for you!
  • Refer to MidEBid.com's Directory Services.

Push Technology Model

  • Get extensive coverage on your bids - suppliers receive e-mail alert of the bids that match their profiles.
  • Save time and money contacting suppliers directly.
  • Automated and instant email notification of bid invitations, addenda, awards.
  • Real time data logger - suppliers confirm receipt of the email notice.

eDocument Distribution

  • Easy and quick upload function.
  • Attach your documents the same way you would include an attachment in an e-mail.

Reduce the hardcopy distribution from your office - less supplier’s visits.

eManagement Database

  • Manage vendors/suppliers online.
  • Customize an online vendor/supplier application form to suit your agency's purchasing requirements.
  • Vendors/Suppliers complete the application form, and define their company profiles - this provides easy sourcing!
  • Quickly locate pre-qualified contractors/consultants.
  • Send updates to the applicants - keep the data current.
  • Application is integrated with the bid invitation process - send instant email invitation notices.

Results and Awards

  • Publish the bid results and contract winners online - reduce the number of calls to your purchasing department.

Centralized Management of Bids

Buyers/Purchasing Agents/Clerks have access to current and historical bids and documents.