MidEBid was created in 2017 to meet the purchasing needs of the purchasing and procurement team. MidEBid is the preferred choice for bid distribution by organizations because it acts as an extension of many public sector purchasing departments. MidEBid bid consultants will even invite suppliers and vendors by phone, email and fax to bid on opportunities on behalf of the buying organization. MidEBid also exists to meet the needs of suppliers, offering a daily lead generation tool in addition to helping them get in front of buyers via Directory Services, Vendor Registration and direct communication in an online environment. MidEBid’s mission is to continue offering the best tools for buyers and suppliers through its online portal.

MidEBid is unlike any other bid publishing service. MidEBid is more than a bulletin board for bids. It is an online portal for buyers and suppliers. We go the extra mile by providing purchasing managers with sourcing, management and communication tools. Purchasing managers are using MidEBid.com to post bids, source and manage vendors and more! MidEBid is an ideal venue for suppliers to interact with buyers on a level playing field.

Companies and Organizations must undergo a bidding process for any procurement needs. They are also required to distribute the bid notice to any potential suppliers.

Yes. MidEBid’s online portal provides the necessary tools for purchasing managers to meet the guidelines of a fair, open and transparent purchasing process.

There are several ways that you can locate new sales opportunities through MidEBid. Once your company profile is setup on the system, you will receive a daily email in the morning listing all open contracts on MidEBid.com that match your profile. This makes your tender search a lot easier as you don't have to log on every day and search manually; the bids are automatically sent to you! Your second option is to go directly to MidEBid.com and search for sales opportunities. You can search by keyword, category, and advanced search functions. A third way to promote your company is to get listed in the Directory Service. This is a sourcing tool used by suppliers to locate goods and services. You can also upload your product information, images, catalogs and more! And last, but not least, suppliers can register on the bidder’s list of public and private sector organizations. When you register on the list, the organization is notified that you want to receive bid invitations from them. The next time the organization has a bid opportunity, your company may be invited.

No. Small, medium and large businesses can subscribe as buyers, to sell goods and services, and bid on opportunities. Because MidEBid publishes bid opportunities from all the sectors, smaller companies have a greater opportunity to compete on all type business. Suppliers can also register as buyers for business-to-business buying. With MidEBid’s private sector and group buying services, there are options for businesses of all sizes to participate.