MidEBid offers a dynamic reverse auction marketplace for buyers and sellers. Procurement professionals post purchasing needs to the MidEBid.com site, including the category and description of the product or service, any evaluation criteria or special qualifications, and a deadline for bids. Registered sellers compete to provide the product or service that best meets the buyers’ needs and bid against one another to offer the lowest price.

Sellers can see other bidders’ but can determine whether they have the leading (i.e. lowest)  proposal in the bid, and they can improve their bid if not. Buyers can select any or none of the bids offered, and they can cancel or repost the bid at any time. Sellers and Buyers are not charged.

A study released by Independent Procurement Experts predicts that the reverse auction services provided by MidEBid for the Buyer Companies will save roughly 20 to 30 percent annually in purchases made through MidEBid.com site. More than 90 percent of the experts surveyed in MidEBid gave the reverse auction marketplace positive reviews, citing lower acquisition costs, greater competition, and a more streamlined buying process.


MidEBid Background


MidEBid is a company founded on a simple fact. The potential benefits of eSourcing are enormous – but won’t be realized if offerings don’t address the user’s overriding need for simplicity, affordability, and transparency.

Based in UAE, MidEBid tackles the problem head-on. MidEBid’s unique value-adding services meet procurement needs with unparalleled speed, ease, and cost-effectiveness.

We continue to grow and to welcome Companies, Organizations, on board as our valued customers.

With a team headed by Procurement Professionals and Software Engineers, MidEBid is a company focused on the present but with an eye to the future. In the final analysis, though, it’s not ‘About Us’ and we’d love to explain exactly what we could contribute to the success of your organization.


MidEBid is a procurement group that fuses business experience with great ideas. Member companies are developing innovative and sustainable technologies in software development, telecommunications, and clean technology.


Why MidEBid Works


There's no secret to what makes MidEBid effective. It's the sure connection between Sellers looking for real opportunities and Buyers searching for the best value.

MidEBid is leading the B2B commerce transformation, by combining the power of dynamic real-time competition with an intuitive online marketplace, featuring a smart interface where all projects are fully managed by highly trained, Procurement & IT support staff.
Buyers need Goods and Services at the best value from the most qualified Sellers. Sellers constantly seek Buyers for the goods and services they provide. MidEBid's fully managed, quality-assured, secure marketplace makes these win-win transactions possible.


Best Purchasing Environment

MidEBid is a competitive environment engineered to profit both Buyers and Sellers. Our Engineers review and approve only the most reliable Sellers, who then compete to provide Buyers their best price, and quickly fulfill Bid requests.


Immediate Time and Money Savings

MidEBid’s registered Buyers and Sellers realize time and money savings from their first projects managed by MidEBid’s marketplace. Check your Project history and compare your orders to recent fulfillment managed by MidEBid. We assure you'll see impressive savings that mean a lot more purchasing power for your procurement or sales budget.


Perfect Convenience

Concentrate on your core business objective or mission.
Buyers, Stop struggling with the same old vendors to try and get better prices.
Sellers, Stop searching for new sales opportunities, allow opportunities to find you.

MidEBid allows you to concentrate on doing what's essential for your organization instead of getting confused in purchasing and sales processes.