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Choose a mask wisely! The overview in detail for your health protection

  No matter how scary or exciting it may sound, but the world has already changed because of the pandemic. And the obligation to wear masks is just a small part of everything that happens. Many people are still not happy and would not like to wear them. But despite some depreciation of their need and reliability, without covid masks it is still impossible. Instead of indignation, it’s better to think about others and yourself first. It is better to understand the masks and choose a suitable one, and not be fooled by fashionable little things. After all, quarantine, like any extraordinary event, has activated savvy people who are ready to make money on it. But believe me, a stylish mask with funny bears is not a guarantee of protection. You need to know and understand what kind of mask it is and what it consists of.

  Why we must wear them after all? Yes, covid19 masks do not guarantee 100% protection, but this thing is absolutely necessary for those who are already sick. Coronavirus is transmitted, like any infection, by airborne droplets (as well as through objects and touches, but not about that today). And naturally, when coughing from the mouth, as particles of the virus are spreading, the mask can stop them. Not all, but anyway. As for healthy people, there is debate about whether they need masks at all. But we think that disputes are useless and that they are needed. You just have to understand what mask to choose and not be lazy to disinfect, wash and iron it (if it is fabric and reusable), or change it every couple of hours (if it is non-woven and, accordingly, disposable). We would also like to draw attention to homemade masks. Yes, now even in pharmacies it is difficult to buy a mask, and some unscrupulous sellers in medical and not only stores profit from people and set sky-high prices. And you already need to wear something, especially since no one wants to get a fine. But let's be honest, no home-made masks, especially just a closed face with a scarf, can not be compared with a specialized or at least an ordinary medical mask. Here you are probably a little confused in the types of masks, and what they are.

  Therefore, let's look at the most common and most effective masks, which, by the way, can be purchased right here, on our website. Let's start with the simplest ones. Everyone met ordinary masks, which are also called procedural, often surgical masks. These are everyday reusable three-layer masks that can often be seen on doctors and nurses (why they are called surgical). They consist of a “pocket” with a filter in the middle (usually it is absent, but it can be inserted), and two outer layers of hypoallergenic tissue. Here it is necessary to clarify that masks are divided into sterile and non-sterile. All masks that do not need to be disinfected are called non-sterile. Sterile are used only in sterile rooms, in laboratories, for example. Most of the masks we use now are non-sterile. However, in the current situation, we still recommend that you sterilize or change masks whenever possible. If we go back to the same surgical 3ply masks, they are the most affordable, but at the same time they have the lowest percentage of protection, up to 30%. But that's better than nothing, isn't it? They can be used if you change them every two hours. In principle, this applies to all masks at this moment. Try not to wear the same mask all the time.

  The specialized masks mentioned above are masks with four layers, where one more layer is added to the above composition, which does not let the liquid through and more closely protects the face from external influences. Also, specialized masks include respirators. This type of mask is considered the most effective. They are more practical to use than procedural ones. And unlike the latter, there is not only useless to disinfect them, but they cannot even be disinfected. Why? More about that below.

  Let's start with the main thing: no matter what type or kind of mask or respirator you are on, you can often see signs like FFP2, N95, KN95, KF94 on it. These are classes or degrees of protection, for example, n95 masks give a 95% protection against any microparticles. The letters in these signs are the country codes, FFP are the countries of Europe and Britain, N is the US code, KN is China, and KF is Korea. To note, kn95 masks can hold any particles except oily, and they are most permeable. Therefore, masks of this type must be carefully protected from any liquid. Some respirators can provide up to 100% protection, for example, FFP3 or KN100 masks. Such respirators are often recommended even to doctors who are in contact with patients with coronavirus.

  All respirators are disposable because they cannot be washed. So why? Respirators are more complex in construction than conventional medical masks. The difference lies in the principle of their operation, or rather, in the electrostatic effect. When you moisturize the respirator, this effect gradually decreases, and as a result, there is no sense in the respirator. Also sterilization, it is essentially useless. It is worth remembering this, since your safety depends on changing the mask.

  The most popular respirator manufacturer in the world is 3M. They provide a wide selection of masks of all protection classes. Let's look at the difference between them using several types as an example. 3m 1860 - these are respirators that look like a shell and fit very tightly to the face, without an exhalation valve. Often you can meet 3M 8210 masks, which come from a denser soft material. Outwardly, they are all quite similar, and usually all have an N95. Therefore, do not worry if you suddenly do not have the mask you need. You can always pick up options. As for the valves, the mask 3M 9332 and its other analogues are used here. It is a one-time three- or four-panel mask with a fleecy inner layer and with a valve. The valve greatly facilitates breathing, because being in the mask for several hours is pretty difficult. Especially for people with sick lungs or nasopharyngeal injuries. Various filters can be inserted into the valve or inside of pocket, for example, filters with carbon or silver ions.

  And finally, we would like to mention such an unusual kind of masks as a mask-shield. Such masks are rapidly gaining popularity, although they do not guarantee high protection. Most of all they can be found in people who play sports, most often go for a run. The mask is worn over the head like a ring, and a plastic transparent shield is attached in front. It is easy to use and gives ample access to air. Especially summer is coming, and masked breathing will be even harder than it is now. But! Nevertheless, we advise you to wear them in a certain case, and only if you move alone, because if the shield can protect against splashes of various liquids and saliva, then it is unlikely to protect you from microparticles. Therefore, it is better to wear a respirator, or in extreme cases, a procedural mask when going to the store or to the park.